Rotisserie Storage Bag Accessory 32"/44"

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Protect your rotisserie kit with a Summerset rotisserie kit storage bag.

*Rotisserie Kit Sold Separately (Click Here)

This form-fitting, built-in grill cover offers the protection needed for your cooking surface and the hood or lid of your grill. It is made of heavy-duty, water resistant vinyl,  protecting your grill from rust. It  protects your grill investment no matter what the weather brings. Use for year-round protection from rain, snow, ice, dust, dirt, leaves, bugs, rodents, tree sap, bird droppings, etc. No matter when you are ready to get cooking outside, with this grill cover, your grill is ready to go!

 Weather resistant, water resistant material

 32" Size Bag: Fits all 26″ to 32" Summerset Grill Rotisserie Kits

 44" Size Bag: Fits all 36″ to 44" Summerset Grill Rotisserie Kits

 Rotisserie Kit Sold Separately