American Made Grills Insulated Jacket for Estate, Muscle, Encore Power Burners

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Protect your outdoor kitchen with Summerset Side Burner Insulating Jackets. Many BBQ Islands and outdoor kitchens are made of a combination of wood and other combustible materials. A side burner insulating jacket provides the protection you need to ensure a safe and reliable entertaining space for years to come. Custom made to fit Summerset side burners, each side burner insulating jacket features durable double-lined #304 stainless steel construction for maximum strength and protection, stainless steel mounting bracket, and matching sleek design. The insulating jacket not only protects your outdoor kitchen, it also protects the chassis of your built-in grill from corrosion, adding to the longevity of your grill. Use Summerset insulating jackets to make your outdoor kitchen a safe and entertaining space for your family and friends to enjoy.



Finish #304 Stainless Steel Construction
Fire Protection Protects Against Combustible Construction
Insulation Type Heavy-duty Insulating Jacket
Corrosion Type Protects Against Chassis Corrosion
Construction Type Double Lined Construction
Mounting Type Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket


 Constructed of stainless steel with a self-supporting ledge around the sides and back.

 A safety essential when installing your American Made Grill built-in power burner into an outdoor kitchen that is constructed of combustible materials.

 Only fits American Made Grills Estate, Muscle, Encore Power Burners



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