American Made Grills Drop-In Infrared Sear Burner

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Become the chef you’ve dreamed of by using American Made  Sear Burners. Our sear burners can replace nearly any burner position, giving you a customizable cooking experience and allowing you to burn and turn the way you want. Crank up the heat and lock in the flavor, leaving your family and friends with a meal they’ll never forget.

The AMG Infrared Sear Burner provides a unique infrared burner option to replace an existing gas burner in the American Made Grills series gas grill. The unique ceramic infrared burner technology is designed to provide intense direct heat to offer professional level searing without drying the food out. The complete ceramic and stainless steel construction provides a high quality infrared burner that will elevate the versatility of your American Muscle Grill.



 Stainless Steel Construction: High quality components, including 304 stainless steel, ensure a quality product

 Infrared Cooking: The unique ceramic infrared burner reaches up to 1,600°F to allow intense direct heat to sear efficiently

 Recommended: To replace a conventional gas burner in an American Made Grill


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