1-Hour Automatic Gas Timer with Emergency Shut-Off

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Bring utility and safety to your gas grill with the Summerset Gas Timer. Built with matching durable #304 stainless steel to weather the elements, this timer features a simple and sleek design, 1-hour setting, and limited Lifetime Warranty

*Mounting Plate Sold Separately (Click here to see)


This Summerset one-hour automatic gas timer offers additional safety by automatically shutting off the flow of natural gas or liquid propane to the barbecue.

 Works with natural gas, bulk liquid propane tanks and standard sized liquid propane tanks. For liquid propane use, must not be installed within 18-inches of the grill.

 The 1-Hour timer accommodates 1/2-inch NPT piping on both ends. The dial is marked in four(4) 15-minute increments (any position in between is an estimate of that 15-minute block).

 The timer dial will auto-rotate (counter-clockwise) and will shut off the gas supply when the dial reaches off. Rated up to 100,000 BTUs/ Max temperature 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Mounting plate sold separately.


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